Posted by: Johnold Strey | September 14, 2008

Jesus was NOT a Community Organizer

As the presidential campaigns pick up in these pre-election days, so do the slogans. One slogan currently heard among some liberal and Democratic circles is, “Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor.” I mentioned this to my wife the other day at lunch, and her immediate (and correct) response was, “That is wrong on so many levels!” All I can say is “Amen.”

I don’t intend to make this blog about politics. I have strong political views, and those who know me well know what those views are, but I firmly believe that my political leanings ought to stay out of the pulpit (that goes for all pastors–or at least it should!). But such a statement is not only political. It is intrinsically religious. It does what I have warned about in repeated sermons and Bible classes: It turns Jesus into an ancient Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura, or in this case, an ancient Barack Obama. Jesus as community organizer is not Jesus as the eternal Son of God who became flesh to redeem the world from sin and defeat death’s permanent hold on us.

Because there is so much wrong with that statement, there is so much I could say about it, far more than I already have to this point and far more than I have the time and patience to type at this time. But for now I will let this article, recently forwarded to me from a friend, do the talking.

‘Community organizer’? Try savior of humanity! Joseph Farah charges Democrats with blasphemy for likening Obama to Christ

Read the article at this link:



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