Posted by: Johnold J. Strey | October 25, 2008

The Best Week on Christian Talk Radio

You’ll have to be the judge if that title statement is true or not, but I think we’ve got a contender!

I’ve plugged the talk show “Issues, Etc.” several times on this blog, and I’ve also mentioned my favorite Christian apologist, Dr. John Warwick Montgomery a few times in previous posts.  Put them together and you’ve got a week of excellent radio programs that are definitely worth your time.  “Issues, Etc.” ran a week-long series with Dr. Montgomery with the theme, “Answering the Objections of Unbelievers.”  Montgomery is one of the finest apologists for the Christian faith in our time, and the information shared in this week’s series on “Issues, Etc.” will no doubt provide the kind of intellectually sound and sturdy knowledge needed to better confess the Christian faith publicly in a postmodern world.  As Montgomery himself says near the end of the last segment below, “We should have fewer spaghetti suppers and more serious work on the defense of the faith in our churches!”

You can find archives of the shows for this week (October 20-24, 2008) at, or you can click the following links to go directly to the shows for this week.  If listening at your computer isn’t a feasible option for you, you can also download the shows and burn them to a CD or copy them on your MP3 player for easier listening.  Regardless, give these shows a listen!  You’ll be glad you did–especially if you should find yourself in a conversation with a man who calls himself a “born again atheist,” as I did at a local Starbucks just a few months ago!

“Answering the Objections of Unbelievers”

Program: Issues, Etc.  ~  Guest: Dr. John Warwick Montgomery

10/20/2008 – The Existence of God
10/21/2008 – Miracles
10/22/2008 – The Exclusive Claims of Christianity
10/23/2008 – The Problem of Evil
10/24/2008 – Errors & Contradictions in the Bible

Additional comment added 10/31/2008: If these shows spark your interest, you’ll find more links with similar content on the recently added media page of this blog.



  1. Ok, now I feel dumb – how do I get them onto a CD? I can get it to play (it pops up into QuickTime) but I can’t get it onto the hard drive. Peter can’t seem to figure it out either. What would you suggest?

  2. Don’t feel dumb — I wouldn’t know either had someone else not told me.

    Find the link either above or at the show’s website (, right-click the link for the specific audio file you want, and select “Save link as…” to save the file.

    I hope that helps!

  3. Montgomery is oft-quoted in The Defense Never Rests by Craig Parton. Have you read Parton’s book? He is a Lutheran attorney who lives in Santa Barbara and came to Lutheranism from evangelicalism and has quite a fascinating story – even a Bach lover!!!!


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