Posted by: Johnold Strey | October 29, 2008

New Media Page

I just added a new page to this site.  The media link near the top of each page provides direct links to on-line media files that cover the kinds of subjects reflected in this blog–especially preaching, apologetics, and theology.  The media page is always open to further additions, so what you see now may be expanded in the future.

Personally, I find that audio files have been great ways to informally continue my education.  I’ve often downloaded audio files, burned them onto CD’s, and listened to them while going for a bike ride or in the car.  If burning CD’s sounds too “twentieth century” for you, you can always download them to your MP3 player! 🙂

Ongoing education is important whether you’re a pastor, teacher, or layperson in the church.  If you find that you’re an auditory or visual learner moreso than just a reader, then you might find the media page helpful.



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