Posted by: Johnold Strey | January 28, 2009

YCMTU: Litany for Super Bowl Sunday

I keep a file in my office that’s marked, “YCMTU.”  It stands for, “You Can’t Make This Up.”  Strange, bizarre, avant-garde sort of things from church life make their way into that file, and unfortunately the file keeps getting bigger as time passes.  Well, in light of Sunday’s Super Bowl, I thought I would share an item from the YCMTU file that pertains to Super Bowl Sunday.  This “litany” for the morning of the big game was given to me from another WELS pastor who came across this on Sunday that he was “church spying” in southern California.  The following responsive reading was actually used at the start of the service in a Lutheran church (not WELS, LCMS, or any of the smaller Lutheran church bodies — that should narrow it down!) on Super Bowl Sunday at least a decade ago.  I reproduce it here for your laughter, not as an endorsement!

Minister: This is Superbowl Sunday, Lord. Millions will watch as the winner in each league battles for the championship and for a prized trophy.

Congregation: We thrill to the skill, the ability and the performance of many who will play today.

M: We thank you for the oustanding players in the life of your church — superstars like St. Paul, Peter, John, Stephen and Mary.

C: Most of us will never be Superbowl material, our Father.

M: Our names may never be on a marque or in the newspapers.

C: Yet, we are thankful that you have a place for each of us on your team, the church.

M: Thank you, Lord, that we don’t have to be superstars to be on the roster of your church.

C: With your Holy Spirit within us and guiding us, we, who are ordinary people, can do extraordinary things to your honor and glory.

M: Thank you, Lord, for calling each of us,

C: to be on your team in Jesus’ name.




  1. You’ve gotta’ have something in the hopper for every minor festival. Thanks for this, now I’ve got something for the Prayer of the Church this week! 😉


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