Posted by: Johnold Strey | March 14, 2009

10,000 Hits and Still Counting

Today this blog received its 10,000th “hit.”  To be perfectly honest with you, I’m shocked that it even reached 1,000.  While I suspect this site still has a modest-sized audience, I’m grateful to see that it has been useful to many readers.

I started the blog rather innocently, as a way to provide some additional education to members of my church (and it didn’t hurt that my wife had been egging me on to start one for a while!)  Gloria Dei is a relatively small WELS congregation (about 130 members; we averaged 66 people for Sunday worship in 2008).  Gloria Dei is also a spread-out congregation.  One of our families travels an hour one way to come to church; a half-hour one way trip is not uncommon for several members.  So, as you might expect, it’s hard for us to have midweek classes and activities with such a spread-out congregation.  This blog began as a way to provide sermon access to those who weren’t present at our one weekly service, and to provide a little midweek education to those who wanted to augment our Sunday morning group Bible study.  But, as with anything on the internet, the audience became much broader than I envisioned.

To mark the 10,000th hit, I’m listing the posts that have received the most hits.  These are the top thirteen posts and their individual number of hits as of this blog’s 10,000th total hit.  Why thirteen?  These happen to be the posts that have received at least 100 individual hits; the number in parentheses is the total number of individual hits for that post.

  1. Advent Wreath 101 (565)
  2. WELS President Gets “Issues, Etc.” Thumbs-Up (398)
  3. Sermon on Romans 8:18-25 (276)
  4. Published Essay: Proclaiming the Gospel in Worship (215)
  5. Sermon on Romans 7:15-25 (194)
  6. YCMTU: Joel Osteen, Pork, & Shrimp (156)
  7. Sermon on Isaiah 55:6-9 (140)
  8. Ashes & Ash Wednesday (140)
  9. Sermon on Matthew 25:1-13 (133)
  10. Connect the Cradle to the Cross (113)
  11. Sermon on Acts 16:25-34 (107)
  12. It’s About Substance (105)
  13. Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi (101)

Thanks for visiting, and please come again soon!  I hope you’ll find the posts educational and enlightening.

-Pastor Strey



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