Posted by: Johnold Strey | August 26, 2009

YCMTU: Bad Vestments

My wife is a big fan of the “Cake Wrecks” blog.  Its subtitle should tell you everything you need to know: “When professional cakes go horribly, horribly wrong.”  You would think that such a site wouldn’t have enough new material to keep it running, but that would be a mistake!

Well, I think we have just discovered the liturgical equivalent to “Cake Wrecks.”  It’s simply called, “Bad Vestments.”  Perhaps I have been sheltered too long in the confessional corner of the Lutheran Church that I did not realize the horrific judgment displayed among some vestment-donning clergy!  The old “KISS” principle (Keep it simple, stupid!) would have been a better path than the “goods” featured on the “Bad Vestments” blog.  If you need a good laugh and you have an ordination certificate somewhere in your office, this site might be just what your ecclesiastical supervisor ordered.  You can’t make this up!

denim stole

You can’t make this up. A stole made out of blue jeans. Perfect for Advent?



  1. Dude, at least it wasn’t pink (lol)!

  2. Or purple … for that team on the other side of the Mississippi and their indecisively unretired quarterback.

  3. Great stuff, Pastor Strey! Thanks so much for letting us know about this website. It went directly to my blogroll! (Yours is there, too.)

    Have a good Labor Day!

  4. Hey Johnold,

    Yeah, there’s nothing worse than bad vestments. I just went to a wedding. The minister had a suit on. But he had this massive stole draped over the top of the suit. Talk about sending a mixed-message.


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