Posted by: Johnold Strey | December 14, 2009

30,000 and Counting…

Over the weekend, the number of hits on this blog since its inception crossed the 30,000 mark.  Back at 10,000 hits, I offered a post with the most popular posts to date.  Although I didn’t mention the 20,000-hit milestone, I thought that I would do the same now as I did at 10,000 hits and list the most popular posts to date.  If you’d like to compare, check out the post from March 14, 2009 when the blog crossed 10,000 hits.

At 10,000 hits, I listed the top thirteen posts, because that’s how many had received at least 100 hits.  This time, there are thirteen posts that have received at least 250 hits, so I’ll stick with a list of thirteen again — and here they are:

  1. Advent Wreath 101 (2,283)
  2. Sermon on Romans 8:18-25 (604)
  3. WELS President Gets “Issues, Etc.” Thumbs-Up! (559)
  4. YCMTU: Joel Osteen, Pork, and Shrimp (491)
  5. Sermon on Acts 16:25-34 (447)
  6. Good Friday Sermon (406)
  7. Think You Don’t Like Ceremony?  Think Again!  (392)
  8. Sermon on Romans 7:15-25 (360)
  9. Sermon on Isaiah 55:6-9 (337)
  10. Sermon on Matthew 25:1-13 (336)
  11. Church Anniversary Sermon (317)
  12. Published Essay: Proclaiming the Gospel in Worship (293)
  13. YCMTU: Pastor in a Box (255)


  1. Congratulations and keep up the great blogging! God’s blessings as you conclude your Advent preparations and celebrate the Nativity of our Lord!

    See you around the manger!


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