Published Works

  • WLQcoverProclaiming the Gospel in Worship, printed in the Fall 2008 edition of Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly (Volume 105, Number 4, pages 248-284), the theological journal of the WELS, edited by the faculty of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (Mequon, Wisconsin).
  • Christian Worship: Supplement, Introductory Resources booklet, general editor, and author of the booklet’s article, “Prayer of Thanksgiving” (pp. 16-19), published in September 2008 and distributed by the WELS Commission on Worship.
  • Christian Worship: Supplement, Divine Services, printed in the November 2008 (No. 33) edition of Worship the Lord, a bi-monthly worship newsletter for pastors published by the WELS Commission on Worship.
  • Come, Lord Jesus, a children’s Christmas service published in 2009 by Northwestern Publishing House.
  • Worship Words: Catholicity, printed in the January 2010 (No. 40) edition of Worship the Lord.
  • Worship and the Right Brain, printed in the July 2016 (No. 78) edition of Worship the Lord later in 2016.
  • Christian Worship, the final volume to be published in the People’s Bible Teachings series of books from Northwestern Publishing House, to be published shortly.

Essays & Presentations

Worship Coordinator Resources

IMG_7012During his time as the District Worship Coordinator for the WELS Arizona-California District, Pastor Strey prepared a number of practical resources for the pastors and churches of the district and beyond. These resources, originally posted on the WELS AZ-CA District website’s worship page, include:


Pastor Strey was the organist on the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Chorus’s 1998 tour concert CD, called “Proclaim Freedom to the Captives.” The recording included two organ solos, played on the Seminary chapel’s 25-rank Martin Ott pipe organ:

Pastor Strey has organized and participated in a number of “hymn festival” concerts:


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